About Phytolite Thailand

How we’re making a change

At Phytolite Thailand, we specialise in cannabis horticulture consulting and farm set-up. We are the first company in Thailand that provides complete support when entering the cannabis market. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, our team of master growers have the expertise needed to help you build and manage successful cannabis grow operations, both indoor and outdoor.

With the contacts achieved in 30 years in working between America and Europe, we have access to everything, and above all the best products. – Taking care of the entire cycle from licenses to room design, from cultivation to sales of end products the margin for mistake is absent. With Phytolite Thailand you are guaranteed a professional result, and a competitive product easy to place in the current market.

Cutting corners is always more expensive than adopting high-quality strategies. Good products will retain quality and provide outstanding results over time saving you money. Our lights stock the Samsung LM301B which really puts our two lines of LED lights: Clorofilla Eko & Resina Q-Bar in the best options on the market. Proven and Guaranteed.